Exploring EVM-compatible chains: Polygon

Scaling solutions are critical to advance in the ever-changing world of blockchain. Polygon, originally Matic Network, emerges as an EVM-compatible wonder among the problems of Ethereum’s scalability. In this blog post, learn about Polygon and its transformative potential.

A Multi-chain blockchain system

Polygon, a rebrand of Matic Network, aims to create a multi-chain blockchain system compatible with Ethereum. Polygon seamlessly integrates with Ethereum, enabling smooth asset movement while ensuring compatibility and enhancing efficiency. In addition, through independent sidechains, Polygon delivers outstanding scalability by processing multiple transactions without overwhelming the Ethereum mainnet, thus reducing bottlenecks and cutting transaction costs. 

Secured and developer-friendly 

Leveraging Ethereum’s security model, Polygon relies on its robust consensus and finality mechanisms to maintain a high level of security. For developers, they benefit from Polygon’s Ethereum-like environment, which streamlines their transition by providing familiar tools and libraries. 

Economic efficiency 

Polygon dramatically decreases the burden on the Ethereum network by offloading a considerable transaction volume onto sidechains, resulting in lower gas prices and improved economic efficiency.

Polygon Benefits

1. Lower transaction costs: Polygon’s hallmark is the significant reduction in transaction fees, democratizing access to decentralized applications.

2. Enhanced scalability: Throughput is Polygon’s forte, ensuring seamless user experiences, even during network traffic spikes.

3. Swift confirmations: Transactions on Polygon’s sidechains achieve faster confirmations, enabling real-time interactions.

4. Nurtured ecosystem: Polygon’s user-friendly landscape and Ethereum tool compatibility attract developers, fostering diverse dApps for various domains.

Polygon represents Ethereum’s adaptive potential. Its ability to combine interoperability, scalability, and cost represents a significant leap forward for decentralized applications. As Polygon evolves, its continued impact on blockchain and decentralized technologies is poised to reshape the status quo, underscoring the potency of innovation in propelling the industry forward.

Polygon and Fluid3 

Polygon is one of the supported protocols of Fluid3 – a liquidity layer for EVM chains. Fluid3 aggregates liquidity across chains into a single API for developers to tap into. By doing so, Fluid3 provides a solution addressing the critical issue of liquidity fragmentation, aiming to make interactions in the DeFi space more seamless and efficient for developers and end-users. 

Read the Fluid3 whitepaper today to learn more.

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